As I plan my garden spaces, as I clear scrub to make room for food producing plants I often find myself in an ethical dilemma. Part of me wants to honour mother earth, preserving the natural habitats I see around me. Another part of me knows that many of those native species on the land I care for do not support my human need for sustenance. How I balance these two conflicting needs will impact my decision moving forward.

after the removal of the invasive lily of the valley, this will become an herbal tea garden

Self-reliance without addressing the regeneration needs of the land I interact with will lead me to being a “user” of the…

Sacred Gardening Through The Three Druid Elements: Designing Sacred Spaces And Planting Rituals

Traditionally peoples had ceremonies and activities that facilitated the working of the in a sacred way, giving thanks to the earth, and nature for bringing forth the very fruits they relied upon for survival.

We have become distanced from this connection because most of us get out food from the “stores”; we have no connection with the producing the very produce we rely upon for sustenance. …

I am so thrilled with how well my aspragus did this summer

I follow the concerns of the preppers and the homesteaders. I see their path as a hedge against uncertainty. But I am a retired person, I don’t have the energy I once had and yet, my growing concerns see me asking; how can I prepare for any eventuality that may affect not only myself, but my family, my friends and my community?

Aside for the labour involved in homesteading, I don’t see myself relocating to a homestead. I like the retirement location I have chosen. I like the people in this community and I have the conveniences of…

What does being “real” have to do with quality relationships?

“Being yourself” isn’t always easy. It means being honest about who you are — how you think, feel, and act — and sometimes that may turn people off.” ~ Steven Handel

I read the above quote today from the vantage point of hind sight! The process of thinking about my personal transformation showed me how I have indeed changed my “story”.

When I stopped pretending to be who I thought people wanted me to be, people got upset with me for daring to be “different”! They felt free to say…

Renate DundysMarrello

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